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Connecting The Dots



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Building the Case

Connecting the dots is a process of discovery. Discovery is a process of researching. Researching is a process of learning how to perform keyword searches to obtain answers. But first, we must discover information about you, or your client, based on current symptoms, previous diagnosis, and the history/timeline of events.


Known vs. Unknown

Not knowing the root of a known condition can be frustrating. In this section, we will learn how to identify the primary gene involved with an already known condition or symptom.

On the flip side, not knowing what’s going on, to begin with, in relation to symptoms, can be even more challenging. Our main goal during this section is determining what the proper medical term for an unknown condition/symptom is so that we can then pinpoint the gene involved. Once the gene is identified we can dig deeper and peel the onion back.


Asthma - Eczema Training Course

Class 1


Asthma - Eczema Training Course

Class 2 - Getting to the Root


Asthma - Eczema Training Course

Class 3 - Reverse Engineering


Asthma - Eczema Training Course

Class 4 - Superpathways

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