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My Story

Joey Phillips is a Husband, Father, Medical Researcher, Epigeneticist Health Advocate, Formulator of ReverseFX, and Owner of DNA Diligence.

Since 2015, He's been providing professional consulting services to clients from around the globe. 

Joey has devoted over 50,000 research hours in the health arena.

Understanding the current medical field is flawed and failing, Joey decided not to pursue a medical degree. Rather, he is self-educated through an unwavering curiosity about how things work in the body.

"Don't confuse education with schooling" - Elon Musk

Having studied law, the etymology of language, history, and religion, Joey realized that all his efforts to acquire more freedom didn't mean a thing without good health. Having good health is the first key to obtaining independence from a broken system.

In an effort to reduce costs associated with unnecessary testing DNA Diligence™ was born.

Being constantly on the hunt for the latest in cutting-edge research gives Joey Phillips a unique advantage in the health industry. 

"If you don't know what you're looking for, you'll never know where to find it."

"In a sea of possibilities, pattern recognition is the key to unlocking the door to new therapeutic interventions." - Joey Phillips



What You Need Know

DNA Diligence™ is a research process developed by Joey Phillips to discover root cause issues in order to reverse engineer the dis-ease process.

By condensing past history, previous diagnosis, and current symptoms, then, cross-referencing that information with the most updated medical research we will discover the genes and pathway signaling systems most impacting you on a cellular level.

Once completed, we'll begin targeting the negative impact of these specific genes and pathways to reverse engineer your adverse health condition.

From tackling personal health issues to reaching important milestones, our job is to guide you on the path of success.

Our Philosophy

Follow the M.A.P.

Maintain Good Health

Acquire Freedom

Protect The First Two