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Name your top 3 health-related challenges and we'll connect the dots by pinpointing the exact genes and pathways involved, then reverse engineer them based on strategic compounds found in nature.

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We obtain difficult answers and achieve results much faster and more efficiently than standard techniques and testing.

Whether your issues are known or unknown we've got your back!

Knowing where and what to analyze gives us a unique advantage in helping you obtain results.

We'll connect the dots & get to the root, through DNA Diligence, from the most updated science across the world so that you can feel confident in knowing that our methods are sound.

Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, we'll provide you with the blueprint and professional guidance every step of the way. 



With Joey Phillips


How do we help our personal clients get to the root of their issues?

We use several databases to track and target your issue, including but not limited to:




Simply tell us your top 3 health-related issues.

We will track the EXACT genes and pathways involved and connect the dots.

Then, we'll figure out exactly which natural compounds target those genes and pathways and reverse engineer them based on the most updated medical research in the world.

"In a sea of possibilities, pattern recognition is the key to unlocking the door to new therapeutic interventions." Joey Phillips


Mind blown! Joey took me into a genetic deep dive which revealed reasons for a myriad of health complaints and guess what.. they were all connected through shared genetic pathways. He also researched and suggested targeted supplements to overcome the blocks to optimum health. Thank you so much Mr. Phillips! Your passion for what you do is evident and inspiring! Deep gratitude.

Darcel B.

Joey is definitely extremely personable and has a genuine interest in helping others, as well as enthusiasm for his practice. Without telling him what I had already figured out about my child, he accurately depicted his issues. He was also spot on about various aspects that were later confirmed via genetic testing. He was able within minutes to hours, find out about my son's complexities, which took me over 2 years and thousands of dollars of testing to accomplish. I would highly recommend working with him on your condition. He can help steer you in the direction of healing very quickly and you can spend your time and money addressing your true root cause issues immediately!

Laura P.

I recently consulted with Joey. We looked at my top 3 health problems which are greatly affecting the quality of my life. They “seem” unrelated and developed at separate points in my adulthood. After combing through the related genes and pathways involved together (yes, he taught me how!) I was amazed to see how interconnected and overlapping it clearly all is. We were able to identify specific proven supplements that may finally help coax these genes back to their proper function. In my opinion, you will never get this kind of info or help from any other Dr - mainstream or holistic! In all my years of research myself I never came upon any of these supplements for my conditions so I really was looking in the wrong places even though I thought I was being smart! Joey is able to do some serious in depth research at lightning speed and figure out things that perhaps no one else has been able to for you. HIGHLY recommend consulting with Joey if you are serious about taking a big step to regaining your health.

Beth L.


About Me

Since 2015, I have been providing professional health research and educational consulting services to clients from all over the world. From navigating complex health issues to innovative solutions, my focus is always on building efficient and results-driven outcomes. I'll work with you to create a customized plan of action based on whatever your need is. Get in touch to learn more about our vision and unique consulting approach.

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Kickstart Your Health - Follow The M.A.P.

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Three Keys to Freedom:

  1. Health: Your body is your spiritual temple and currently the only place where you truly reside. Become a fanatic about your health because realistically we don’t own anything, except our bodies. In fact, the property you are on at this very moment doesn’t belong to you. Stop paying the tax and see what happens.

  2. Law of Necessity: Gathering resources is essential for survival. Money doesn’t mean everything, but its right up there with oxygen.  People must have a means in which to generate resources for themselves and their posterity. This is as old as the caveman. A fire to keep you warm, food on the table, a roof over your head, clothes on your back, etc.

  3. Self-Determination: A process one goes about to control their own destiny. We are each accountable for our own selves. If I can’t take care of me, how am I going to even begin to try to take care of someone else?

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